ORaaS Visibilities Demo

Define your point of interest, input a Two Lines Element (TLE), click a button.

The satellite starts its run around the globe. When it is visible from the point, the path is highlighted.

  • Quick start

    • Click on the Start button. The input form is displayed above the viewer.
    • Input the name and location of the point of interest (optional).
    • Input your satellite name, choose the color of its path,
    • Paste the Two Lines TLE1 and TLE2 which define the orbit,
    • Input the period of the simulation,
    • ... Or click one button to populate the form with one of our examples: GPS, ISS or Astra.
    • Click the Compute & Add to Viewer button.

    Your satellite appears in the viewer, it is the beginning of the period.

    If you have input a location, the table below the viewer is completed with the details of each visibility which occurs in the period: dates and duration, direction of the satellite at the beginning of the visibility.

    Input another TLE and click the Compute & Add to Viewer button, the orbit is added in the viewer, the visibilities are added to the table.

    Reset Viewer and Reset Table buttons respectively clear the viewer and the table.

    A sample result might look like this.

    Visibilities Demo

  • ORaaS services

    Our visibilities demo illustrates the propagation service published by ORaaS, with some orbital events computation. Details and the default values for the parameters can be found in our API documentation.